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december 8   
12:41am 08/12/2008
  happy birthday grandma, i miss you always. love you.  
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Jesus died for a purpose..   
11:03am 21/03/2008
happy 1018!   
12:24am 18/10/2007
mood: thankful
 happy 5 years anniversary, babes!! i love you soo much! =D <3
SFSU students.. help!!   
09:33pm 24/07/2007

I need a copy of some syllabus's for some classes at SFSU. If anyone took any of these classes (or know someone who has) and still has their syllabus around, I would realllllllly realllly appreciate it if maybe you can scan it and send it to me. Helppp! haha.. I need it for the following classes:

Bio 328- Anatomy
Bio 210/211- Microbiology 
Chem 101/102- Survey Of Chemistry
Psy 200- General Psychology
DFM 253- Nutrition

Lemme know if anyone has a syllabus for any of these classes... THANKSSSS!

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Interesting topic of the night..   
01:14am 22/03/2007

When you button your shirts.. do you button up or down??


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Goodbye O.C.   
01:32am 04/01/2007
  Noooooo!!! =( I'm so sad. The O.C. is being cancelled. =( =( 

05:26pm 27/04/2006
  use this website instead of using google and yahoo. it actually uses google to search things but when you go on this site, you have chances of winning prizes. click and sign up now! =D

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02:04am 23/04/2006
  wow. i think i have just figured out my life?? atleast for the next year.

accepted into sjsu = transfer to sjsu starting this fall.
rejected into sjsu = ohlone in fall, sjsu in spring.

it sounds SO simple. but trust me. a LOT of thinking and researching went into it. i think everything is slowly coming together....

and jewel, thanks for being up this late with me to discuss everything with!!

AHHHH!! it's like a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. i'm feeling good now.. =)
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Changes?? Oh life..   
05:52pm 18/04/2006
  I've been hella questioning what to do with my life. Since I talked to one of my friends yesterday, and after talking to the nursing counselor at sjsu, and after talking to more friends about it.. I've been hella debating if I should stay at SFSU or transfer to SJSU. I have like 2 weeks to do something about it if i really am going to do it, so i'm hoping to talk to some more counselors by the end of this week, talk to my parents, talk to more people.. and we'll see what happens. I made a pro and con list, and they both kind of balance out. So it doesn't really make that big of a difference which one I do.. but.. the option is still there? It would be a huge change...

I don't even know though. Ahhh!!!!!!!
memory lane   
09:20am 22/03/2006
  Memory Lane Message: If you read this, even if we don't speak often, you must post a comment in this blog with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad, just as long as it happened.

Then post this up yourself and see what people remember about you!
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08:00pm 06/03/2006
  Does anybody know how to make dress, or know someone/somewhere who does??

my sisters prom is in a month and she doesn't think she'll find a dress she wants anywhere in stores so she wants to have it made, but she doesn't know where or who can do it.. help please! =) thanks..
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Need to get him over to my crib and do that night thang   
12:07am 27/02/2006
  im not goin nowhere boy im stayin,
i'm in love with a server..

;) luyu and gnite.
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11:59am 20/02/2006
  Mass last night was focused on forgiveness. While Father Jeff was doing the homilee, i was wishing i had my laptop so i could type everything he was saying. It was one of those homilee's that really make you look at your own life and what you've experienced. Atleast for me..

"Something can happen between two people that can tear them apart.. completely change their whole relationship.. and the thing that tore them apart is usually something little. something you don't even remember anymore. you're not sure why it happened or how it happened, but it did. and for some reason you just can't bring yourself to talk to them about it.. to apologize.. or to forgive.." But how do you forgive if you don't know what you're forgiving for? And how do you apologize for something when you don't know what you're sorry for? How do you consider talking to the person, if you don't know if the person even cares about it the way you do?

the "quotes" aren't exactly what he said, just similar.. obviously i don't remember his EXACT words. anyways. the past is the past and that can't be changed. i've already accepted what's happened, but it doesn't mean i don't still wonder what went wrong.

time to study..
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Valentines Day   
07:20pm 06/02/2006
  Valentines day is coming up in a week. =) i got the "valentine-y" gifts for val already, but i still need to get an actual gift. we're doing valentines day the thur. after valentines since i dont have class that day and.. whatever else. not really sure of what our plans are yet..i'm up for some suggestions. so..

whats a good place to have dinner? anywhere in the area.. sf.. fremont.. wherever in between..

leave lots of suggestions! please! =)
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guess who got into anatomy!   
09:34pm 23/01/2006
  AHHHHHHH.. this class has been full since days before i registered for classes. waitlist and all. but thanks to ALY for keeping me up to date on new classes opening.. and for calling me 10 minutes ago to say "I HOPE YOU KNOW THERES ONE SEAT LEFT IN ANATOMY!" ..i got in!! ahhhhh yessss. looks like i won't be having that m-th "convenient" schedule that i hoped for but who really cares because i got into anatomy. now it's time for me to drop.. THE ART OF COMEDY .. and SOCIOLOGY. haha... i cant tell you how happy/relieved/excited i am!!

THANK YOU ALY!! you're the best, i swear.
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It's a wonderful feeling..   
12:53am 24/12/2005
  my Christmas "gifts" have been just lovely already. aside from the materialistic things i got, even just the thought of some were touching. got my itrip from mike and an AE gift card =D (thanks mike!) & my jacket from beb. secret santa at work.. i had chuck i got him 2 shirts from AE.. got my gift today and found out chuck had me, too. what are the chances though!? haha.. the ones who picked the secret santa names don't know we're cousins. i guess it was meant to be. haha.. anyways, he got me a starbucks gift card (mmmm!!!) but more important was the note he left with it that touched my heart and meant the world to me. (talk about corny right..) haha.. but its true. =] i know tracy will show this to chuck or read it to him so THANK YOU CHUCK! (and thanks trace for showing/reading him this haha).. went to the madriaga's christmas party thing tonight.. it was funny. got a lil christmas "gift" from tita lily and tito vann and also the reyes family.. much appreciated because they didn't even have to get me and aica anything but they did.

well it's officially "christmas eve" since its past midnight. today is going to be interesting. i got work 9-5.. im serving at the christmas eve mass which starts at 5.. and then right after is our christmas eve dinner at tita lindas. that means i gotta go to work with my face all ready for the rest of the day.. change to my "church"/dinner fit before i get off work.. go straight to church (late) and look for parking.. figure out what exactly im doing.. and just.. go with the flow for the rest of the night.

ok well i'll update again, most likely after Christmas... so in the meantime.. Happy Holidays to you all.. Have a merry merry Christmas... =)
03:25pm 22/11/2005
  looks like i'll be watching RENT tonight. =D i've never watched a movie at midnight the "day" it opens.. never been the type to buy the tickets early.. go early.. wait in line.. and that whole deal.

hopefully this will be worth it, but i'm sure it will because i've been looking foward to watching it for so long..

on the bad side.. im gonna miss niptuck and it looked like a REALLY good episode. =( i wanted to watch rent with val. =( it's $11.50! =( and i have class at 8am tomorrow. =( boo. haha..

i think the biggest reason that im actually going tonight is just to hang out with my roomies and my other friends that will be joining us, including pansy. =) k, bye!
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Lost in life. but it's ok, the holidays are coming =)   
12:36am 10/11/2005
  It's about that time when I start stressing over MY LIFE and what it's becoming. I'm so lost in life, foreal. It's all just so hard. Atleast to get where I want to be. I guess I just gotta do what i need to do to get it all done, in the end it'll be worth it. But I don't even know where to start! =(

Anyways, Thanksgiving break is coming up SOON. I love the "holiday feeling".. can't wait to spend them with my family and pansy, too. hehe.. and once that's done, Christmas will be here soon, and that ALSO means .. WINTER BREAK. ahh, yes. So fast, huh? School just started and now it's winter break. Time flies, for sure. 431/FULL HOUSE dinner is coming soon, too. Pocahantas?? Pilgrims?? Soul food?? I don't even know. But it'll be fun. =)

Still in love with SO SICK by Ne-Yo. Don't worry, it has no meaning to me what so ever. I just LOVE the song. =)

Ok, good night world.
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12:19am 31/10/2005
  happy birthday to len "yesterday" .. 10/30!!
happy birthday to jewel "today".. 10/31!!!


well i just wanted to update REAL QUICK before i finish unpacking my stuff. ash's party was much fun. it wasn't hella rowdy/annoying and it wasn't dead either. it was just right. hella funny, too. char going crazy over the cup. ash knocking everything over while asking "drea are you atleast buzzed!". personal/catch up talks with char. 431 pics with char and jewel. condoms in the candy bowl. hella rice. etc. haha.. i had some drinks but i didn't get drunk. like i told val.. "i was buzzed. not drunk buzzed. but like I FEEL HELLA GOOD buzzed." haha. that's how i felt though. i felt hella good. i duno why. haha.. but yea that was fun.

watched Saw 2 last night. omg, that shit was SOOO awesome. i hella like it. it was just so CRAZY and like.. it made so much sense. i loved it. it's not everyday i leave a movie feeling hella excited about it, especially about "scary" movies these days. even though it wasn't really "scary"?? it was more of suspense and mind games. but yea, i definitely suggest you all watch it. and tell me what you think?

im tired and sleepy. and my legs hurt? i duno why. ok then... happy halloween everyone. oh if you want to trick or treat at borders, their doing some "trick or treating" shit in the store. haha. i duno. ok have fun and be safe. and happy birthday again jewel!
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12:16am 26/10/2005
  And so my week of excitement is over.. and i'm back to my "slower" days. haha. it's all good though. i think i just had one of the most busiest/exciting birthweeks ever. Mini-recap?

14th- pashy. 15th- My bday/mia's cotillion. 16th- mia's bday. 17th- val came over. 18th- 3 year anni. 19th- ..iduno? 20th- downtown with len, HELLA EXERCISED.. and then finished the night with Gordon Biersch. 21st- work. 22nd- me/kuka bday party. 23rd- november&december.

i love it!! =D haha.. and im just so excited at the fact that pashy, valandrea, and november&december are all in the same "week", or close enough. haha.. im so happy. =)

this weeks going by much slower. this weekend will be nice though because my cousins from PI will be here. haunted houses again? that should be fun.. today i got my stats midterm back and .. guess who got 100% !? haha.. i'm so proud. but i duno, it was HELLA easy. i dont know why i didn't understand it in high school. (right pansy!?) i wish i got 100% on my other midterms though. darn. i can't even make it to chem these days. =\

that's all. bye now!
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